• Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Gidge and Garth (and their beautiful offspring, Ethan and Eiryn), have been part of Beacon since the beginning. Ten years of faithfully serving God’s church in Lambeth! Garth is one of our fine PA wizards and Gidge serves on hospitality. Together they lead the Sunday Community Group which meets after the service every other week.

    Q. What is your best Beacon memory?

    Gidge: I think my best would be a picnic we had when we first started, it was quite cold and we ended up sitting with tablecloths around us to keep warm in Brockwell Park. I do remember Kim Rackstraw very well from that!

    Garth: We did a boy’s day away and went fishing. Five or six of us went to Guildford, that was good fun.

    Q. What’s your favourite Bible verse?

    Gidge: Romans 8:38 - nothing can separate us from God basically in a nutshell!

    Garth: I don’t know the reference but it’s when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are being threatened to be thrown into the fire and they reply that ‘our God is able to save us from this but even if he doesn’t we won’t bow down and worship you.’

    Q. How was your transition from Zim to the UK?

    Gidge: Horrid. In a word! We’d just got married when we first came over. I had been working when we came over here, so I’d left family, left everything. And I wasn’t working when we got here so it was not a happy time. I was qualified as a teacher but I didn’t have police clearance or a CRB so I couldn’t teach here until I got that from Zimbabwe. I had to go to Scotland Yard to get my fingerprints done. That was fun!

    Garth: Yeah, it was a bit of a struggle. I was ok – I came over earlier and I was living on a site so I was fine roughing it – but when Gidge came over she struggled to find work.

    Gidge: And living with Garth, well…

    Garth: It’s what kept you going!

    Q. What do Ethan and Eiryn do to make you laugh?

    Garth: Not a lot! They do love to make us yell!

    Gidge: Singing, dancing, lots of jokes and pranks.

    Garth: Yeah, they’ve got a good sense of humour.

    Gidge: I think the best one is repeating what we’ve said to them but when it now applies to us!

    Garth: Do what I say, not what I do!

    Q. If you could spend one day in someone else’s shoes, who would it be and why?

    Gidge: Too tricky!

    Garth: I thought you’d say me and then you could spend the day doing nothing!

    Gidge: The thought did cross my mind! I think a bear and then I could spend the day hibernating. Or the Easter bunny delivering eggs. Animals are easier than humans; people’s jobs and things, it’s too stressful! Or maybe Pauline chilling on the couch!

    Garth: For me, maybe Robson Green spending the day filming an extreme fishing show!

    Q. What’s the best thing about each other?

    Garth: The best thing about Gidge is she’s very supportive, very encouraging, once she’s behind you…

    Gidge: she’ll kick [laughter]

    Garth: …she’s very reliable and solid. If she says she’ll get something done, she’ll get it done regardless of the pain and discomfort she has to endure to do it.

    Gidge: Gosh!

    Garth: No pressure!

    Gidge: I like that Garth likes cooking so I don’t have to; that way we all stay alive to tell the tale. Deep and meaningful!

    Q. What do you love about your group?

    Gidge: The people. I think often, we think ‘oh, it’s group again, quick organise it’ but then on the day I think everyone’s real with each other and encouraging.

    Garth: I think we’ve got a great blend of people. I love that everyone is genuine; it doesn’t matter what’s being discussed, everybody is genuine about it and nobody takes offence or gets upset, we all just deal with each other and help each other. We never prepare anything but there’s always great discussion.

    Gidge: And the fact that they like Garth’s fish so they can take them away!


  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Everyone, please meet Sere [She-ray], our talented Kids and Creche support worker. Sere works hard in the Beacon Office every Friday ensuring that there are enough craft and teaching supplies for all the small Beaconites.

    Q. When did you first join Beacon?

    Sere: I joined Beacon in October 2009. Gidge and Garth were my first small group leaders at Beacon.

    Q. What is the best thing about working with children?

    Sere: There are so many good things about working with children, it’s hard to choose just one! But I guess it’s the quirky things they say. When you’re having a bit of an off day and then they say something really funny or something that just makes you think. That’s really nice.

    Q. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

    Sere: Definitely a night owl.

    Q. What’s your pet peeve?

    Sere: The main one is when people lick their plate or lick the lid of yoghurt pots. I have to look away when people do it!

    Q. When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

    Sere: Watch comedy! At the moment, my favourite show is The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it always cheers me up.

    Q. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

    Sere: My mum was reading an article about food the other day which mentioned that soy and goji berries are some of the worst ‘superfoods’ you can eat… but I can’t remember why. Also wheatgrass is meant to be really bad for you. Something to do with the chlorophyll content.

    Q. What do you like to do on a rainy day?

    Sere: I like to sew or be creative. I write stories, I have a story in the making that I’ve been writing for the best part of 15 years! But when I have a day when I’m not going anywhere I love to add to the story. I also love to sing and chat with my Mum because we get on really well.


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  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Please give it up for our wonderful Kids Work leaders, Ellie and Chech! *woop* Both lawyers, Ellie and Chech have been part of Beacon for just over a year and have been leading our kids work since the beginning of 2017.

    Q. What is the biggest impact that Beacon has had on you?

    Ellie: I think it’s a sense of togetherness - which I know sounds a bit cheesy but the community’s great and the worship and teaching is amazing.

    Chech: And as part of that to some extent, accountability as well. Because Beacon is a God-filled small church, there’s no hiding. You’re there! Which is what we want.

    Ellie: And we need it!

    Q. Who is more likely to start a conversation with a stranger?

    Chech: That’s a hard one!

    Ellie: It depends what mood you’re in! I’m the introvert in the relationship but Chech might be a bit moody and not want to chat!

    Chech: Ellie’s by far the friendlier person. Do you mean at church?

    Ellie: Are you saying you have a different persona at church?!

    Chech: It’s not that, it depends on the mood…

    Ellie: I would say, catch you on a good day, you’re a charmer!

    Chech: I would say you’re more likely to start a conversation with a stranger!

    Ellie: Ok, I’ll take that!

    Q. Tell us something that no one in Beacon knows about you

    Ellie: This is really random but I like to have vinegar on baked beans!

    Chech: I once played football at Villa Park.

    Ellie: Mine’s better!

    Chech: Yeah it is really.

    Ellie: When I was younger I liked vinegar on many different things including toast and lots of other food groups, but now it’s just baked beans. I’ve been known to drink it from the bottle. It’s delicious!

    Q. If there’s one main thing you want the kids to learn each week what would it be?

    Ellie: That God loves them.

    Chech: I was going to say exactly the same thing – that God loves them and children matter to God. We’ve been learning about that recently – children aren’t secondary citizens – God calls people to be like children. He loves them.

    Ellie: Life throws so much at you and if you can ground yourself and be confident knowing that God loves you then that’s amazing.

    Q. What was the highlight of your last 12 months

    Ellie: We’ve done a lot in the last 12 months! We renovated the house! We were living upstairs with pretty much no back to the house, we had no shower at one point or hot water and we moved out when we lost the loo! The highlight was that being finished.

    Chech: The highlight was moving back to a house that functions and is how we want it.

    Q. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

    Ellie: I’m a complete ‘wuss’ but ages ago I went to Thailand and I went white water rafting and the guy who was running the expedition was trying to convince the various people in the boat that the English or German’s for example were ‘wusses’. We got to a cliff by the side of the river and he convinced us that a five-year-old child had climbed to the top and jumped off a week earlier so my friend and I did it and it was awful.

    Chech: I don’t really do daring things…

    Ellie: You went ice climbing!

    Chech: Yeah, I went ice climbing in Peru but it wasn’t dangerous.

    Ellie: There was a lot of blood wasn’t there?

    Chech: Probably because we were inexperienced and we were dragging ourselves up it, I bled a lot onto the wall.

    Ellie: You just had picks, didn’t you?

    Chech: Yeah, so you’re climbing but you’re chiselling into the ice as you go. I think it was about 60/70 foot to the top. For me it doesn’t seem daring – I wasn’t concerned that I was going to die or anything, it was just an activity. I was going to say cycling to work every day!

    Q. Did you give anything up for lent this year?

    Ellie: No but I do know that a few members of the church gave up sugar for lent which must have been difficult! You would struggle with that Chech!

    Chech: I would struggle but I was going to say I don’t mind fasting. I don’t fast very often but I will do it one day.

    Q. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

    Chech: Languages. I’d love to be able to speak several languages. And instruments. Play them – not speak them! I’d like to learn those two new things.

    Ellie: To be able to sing beautifully would be a talent that I would show off a lot.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    You see them up at the front every Sunday – Jon normally hosts our meetings and his wife, Sarah cheers him on from the front row but what do you really know about our wonderful Tuesday Community Group leaders?

    Q. What one word would you use to describe Beacon?

    Sarah: Community would be a good word to describe Beacon. We’re a growing family.

    Jon: Family/warm. Welcoming…

    Q. There are numerous accounts of people having their names changed in the Bible, if you were going to change your name, what would you change it to?

    Sarah: I think I’d go slightly hippie and call myself something like India and I’ve always really liked the smell of Jasmine… But I’ll stick with India.

    Jon: Probably something a bit stronger and more distinct like…

    Sarah: Tyson.

    Jon: No, not Tyson! Maybe Judah. Or just in fact The Lion of Judah.

    Q. Lord of the Rings or Narnia?

    Sarah: Narnia

    Jon: Narnia all day. It’s foundational to my faith!

    Sarah: We do like Lord of the Rings, it’s just a bit more involved I think.

    Jon: Aslan’s a good name!

    Sarah: Aslan Bryars! Lol!

    Q. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

    Sarah: Hanging the washing out.

    Jon: Cleaning the bathroom.

    Sarah: By the way, can you do it today as I’ve done it for the last few weeks…

    Jon: I’m happy with the state of the bathroom…

    Q. Did you give anything up for lent this year?

    Sarah: No…

    Jon: Can I be controversial and say I don’t believe in lent?! I don’t see anywhere in the Bible that would suggest that we have to do lent.  I think the spiritual discipline of fasting is a good thing and I think it’s helpful for people to put it within a period of time, but I find it’s more helpful to discuss with people outside of church to discuss why I don’t follow lent as a Christian as opposed to why I would give something up so I purposefully don’t give stuff up for lent.

    Q. Use three words to sum up your Community Group.

    Jon: Food definitely! Authentic, normal very real people, down to earth.

    Sarah: That’s not three words!

    Jon: We’re not very good at this are we?!

    Sarah: I would say character-full or character-filled; we have a lot of great people who are different and unique in their own ways and we love them for that. I’d say very much alive, we have several people under the age of 18 in our group which we love! It brings a certain sense of life. And I’d echo what Jon said; they’re just quite real authentic people; people who have walked with Jesus for a while who know and love him but are real about the challenges that it brings.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Pete and Lucy lead our Thursday Community Group and are overseeing the community groups at Beacon. They are all round wonderful people. It’s a pleasure serving with them.

    Q. What would you love to see happen in the church this year?

    Lucy: The obvious answer would be growth but I’m not sure that’s really what I want…

    Pete: I’d like to see a miracle.

    Lucy: Yeah, I agree.

    Pete: I don’t want to define what the miracle should be but it would encourage my faith. I’d like to see God do something miraculous.

    Lucy: We’ve prayed for healing a lot lately and it would be amazing to see a miraculous answer to a healing prayer.

    Q. Where were you when you gave your life to Jesus?

    Lucy: I was really young when I first gave my life to Jesus so probably at home but I recommitted when I was in my 20’s, there was a time when I was living in Blackheath and I was reading my Bible after having a pretty horrible time but I had a bit of an encounter and realised God’s plans and ways are better than mine which seems pretty obvious but I had a moment.

    Pete: I was 13 and was away at a church youth group weekend away in Swanley on the South Coast. I’d grown up in church but it was at that weekend away that I was convicted of my sin and the need to repent and follow Jesus. It was great. I remember it really clearly.

    Lucy: And you had to go and apologise to all the girls you’d been mean to!

    Pete: I did! It was the first thing I did. They were really lovely about it and forgave me and were just really happy for me which was amazing because I was awful to them before then. I got on really well with them after that. I was once lost but now I’m found.

    Q. What are you reading at the moment?

    Lucy: It’s interesting that Pete just said that as I’m currently reading John Newton’s biography ‘From Disgrace to Amazing Grace’. Obviously, the hymn is really famous but I didn’t know the back story at all.

    Pete: Does it have to be a Christian book?! I’m sort of dipping in and out of a book by Alan Partridge called ‘Nomad, in the Footsteps of my Father’. It’s a really stupid book! We’ve got the audio version as well so sometimes we listen to it and sometimes we read it. But it’s fun. We’re also going through Revelation as a small group so we’ve got a couple of study guides so that’s the serious stuff.

    Lucy: Revelation and Partridge! What a combination! They go hand in hand I think!

    Q. What’s your best childhood memory?

    Pete: I don’t know if I have one but my favourite days when I was a child – between the ages of 10 and 13 - were Saturdays, playing 5 a side football tournaments all day in the sun. I’m sure it wasn’t always sunny but that’s how I remember it. All the nostalgia of being in a football team and all the fun.

    Lucy: I’m similar in that I can’t think of a particular occasion either but generally summers in Bournemouth on the beach – the whole family would go down; my parents would set up a little spot with windbreakers and we’d spend the day in the sea and make sand castles. The summers felt really long and hot. They were the best times.

    Q. What would you grab first in a fire?

    Pete: I’m not that sentimental, I don’t keep things, I don’t really print photos, I don’t have little keepsakes or pin things on the fridge… I just think I’d run out. I wouldn’t want to be weighed down by anything. I’d just run!

    Lucy: I’d probably take my phone.

    Q. Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

    Lucy: I’d say that we both wear the trousers for different things at different times.

    Pete: No, that’s too diplomatic.

    Lucy: But it’s true I think. There are some things that I take charge on more but some things that you do more.

    Pete: Yeah, that’s true.

    Q. Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

    Lucy: Geri. I don’t really know why. Maybe I thought she was the prettiest. Something as shallow as that!

    Pete: I didn’t really have a favourite, but I found Posh the most annoying! All that pouting. She didn’t do anything.

    Lucy: Sporty Spice was also quite annoying; she wasn’t really sporty, she just wore tracksuit bottoms and did some kicks.

    Pete: But she could actually sing!

    Q. What’s your favourite Bible story?

    Lucy: The prodigal son. I’ve been a bit of a prodigal myself, it’s not very original but I find it very relatable. The Fathers heart rushing towards him, it’s very encouraging.

    Pete: One thing that always makes me smile is the donkey who speaks; the prophetic donkey. I love that he’s in the Bible.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    It is our pleasure to introduce our head of Communications, Tobi, who is joined here by his lovely wife Abi and their beautiful daughter Charlotte.

    Q. What do you love about Beacon?

    Tobi: I love the people; the church is a body of people and I think the people in Beacon are awesome. We’re a bit of a mad-mixed bunch and I love everyone’s individual uniqueness.

    Abi: I like the humility of Beacon best. There is no room for ego’s here, you just have to put Christ first. It’s how we roll.

    Q. What’s your favourite book of the Bible?

    Abi: Proverbs. I’ve read it at least five times and I read certain Proverbs over and over again. And Psalms. My favourites are Proverbs 31 – the woman one (!) and Proverbs 1-3.

    Tobi: Ecclesiastes.

    Abi: Don’t you find it depressing?

    Tobi: No, I find it insightful.

    Abi: Yeah, it is actually.

    Q. Who has the most annoying habits?


    Abi: This is very easy!

    Tobi: Of course, it’s Abi!

    Abi: Of course it’s you Tobi! 100%!

    Tobi: It’s your silly dancing that really gets me.

    Abi: That’s not annoying; it’s just a dance! Tobi’s snoring is far more annoying.

    Q. Which actor would you like to play you in the film of your life?

    Abi: Viola Davis – she just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Female in the film Fences, she’s an amazing actress.

    Tobi: Idris Elba. Of course!

    Abi: Because you’ve got the same body type?

    Tobi: Exactly!

    Q. What’s the best present anyone could give you?

    Abi: Sleep.

    Tobi: A winning lottery ticket that hasn’t been claimed!

    Tobi: Actually, what would be the best present? I just like people.

    Abi: Are you sure? Of course you want the lottery ticket!

    Tobi: Yeah, you’re right. Euro Millions specifically…

    Q. Tobi, what’s your vision for Comms?

    Tobi: I’ve been thinking about this, it has two parts – promoting Beacon so that Christians who are new to the area can find us and know that there is a home here ready and waiting for them and also to provide an opportunity for those who don’t know Jesus yet to see how knowing Jesus and reading the Bible can change your life. As the leader of Comms I have the opportunity to communicate these things in so many different ways. It’s exciting and I want to get the word out.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Please meet our Crèche Leaders – Nick and Lally. A wonderful, fun and Christ centred couple who lead our crèche with sensitivity and a sense of humour.


    Q. What is the biggest impact that Beacon has had on you?

    Nick: It’s been impactful seeing the elders waiting for God to work through them.

    Lally: The first thing that came to mind was probably a quietening in my spirit.

    Nick: What?! You’ve got to give more than that! People are going to read it and think ‘I want to know more’!

    Lally: Yeah, get people interested!

    Nick: This isn’t an advert for you!

    Lally: Yes, it is! Then people come and speak to me….and then I get new friends!

    Lally: When I say ‘quietening’, I mean less hustle – I feel like I have to hustle for things less – things I’m passionate about, things that I want to see happen in the Kingdom, in church, in Brixton. I think Beacon is a place that has taught me to agitate less for these things myself and be more peaceful about what I want to see happen. I’m still very passionate about them but I’m feeling like God will lead us there and I have to push less.

    Q. Who is your hero of the faith?

    Nick: I’m reading William Booth’s autobiography at the moment. He was the founder of the Salvation Army. He was pretty radical and raw.

    Lally: St Augustine is a personal hero. He seems to have experienced and put into words some of the questions and longings and confusions that I’ve gone through. He seems so incredibly real even though he lived so long ago. It shows the constancy of God - that people can have those responses to him hundreds of years ago, and it looks exactly the same now.

    Q. What is the worst job you have ever had to do?

    Nick: I really liked this job, but objectively it wasn’t pretty – when I was at university, I worked as a hospital porter and a lot of the work I had to do was pretty dark.

    Lally: This is more sad than funny but one of the worst things that comes to mind is when I was in an orphanage in Kenya and the kids would share beds and often wet the bed and no one really made them wash their clothes and bed linen. The stench of the urine was so bad that it burned my nose and made my eyes water. I really struggled to sleep – I was in a room with the youngest ones. I felt really bad and didn’t want to make a fuss – I was only there for five days and they all had to live with it.

    Q. What was your childhood ambition?

    Nick: It fluctuated from owning a bar in Hawaii to being a cricketer, to being a cricket journalist, to being a teacher, to being a really wealthy businessman in a penthouse. It changed every time I saw something that looked cool. Oh, and an astronaut of course…

    Lally: I wanted to solve global poverty!

    Nick: (makes puking sound)

    Lally: And also a ballerina and a vet.

    Nick: I think when I said ‘bar in Hawaii’… I was a kid, I don’t think I meant alcohol bar, I think I meant living on a beach and not having very much work to do.

    Q. Who would survive best on a desert island

    Lally: Nick, because he wouldn’t notice that he was on a desert island! He would just get on with his day!

    Nick: I don’t forward plan very well so I’d probably eat all the rations straight away. If it’s a question of who would survive the longest, I’d probably be the happiest but Lally would outlive me.

    Lally: Or I’d spend so long planning that I’d die of starvation!

    Q. What’s the best thing about leading the crèche team?

    Lally: Seeing these little people that God has designed and getting to know their personalities from day one.

    Nick: Seeing all the different gifts that have been put into the kids. They’re all so fresh. It’s exciting to see what’s been sown into them and to try and nurture their gifts and personality traits. It’s fun getting to know them.

    Q. What is your favourite word?

    Lally: What?  Or why?

    Nick: Beer.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    This week we delight in introducing Matt and Elisha DaCosta. Truly a Power Couple, Matt and Elisha are involved in many ways at Beacon; Elisha manages our events stylishly and effortlessly while Matt helps with our technical issues and is part of the Elders Plus group. Together they lead the worship team. See below for some interesting insights into their life as a couple.


    Q. Tell us something that no one in Beacon knows about you!

    Matt: I want a lawyer!

    Elisha: (rolling her eyes) Matt used to sing solos! He once sang a song from Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat to an audience of 10,000 people!

    Elisha: I did a photography degree. I used to work on a cruise ship as a photographer, I travelled the world.

    Q. What’s your favourite thing about Jesus?

    Elisha: He’s funny, he makes me laugh.

    Matt: He doesn’t change, he’s always the same. Great guy.

    Q. Do you have a favourite worship band or artist?

    Elisha: Israel Houghton

    Matt: I don’t think I have a favourite, it changes.

    Q. What were you like as a child?

    Matt: I was naughty! I used to cut peoples school ties in the guillotine. I got sent home for it but it was fun - I’d do it again!

    Elisha: He’s actually really mischievous but no one knows that – he finds pleasure in being mischievous!

    Matt: Elisha was like a grown up!

    Elisha: I was! I was old before my years. I missed my childhood. Matt makes me a bit more fun, I’m too serious.

    Matt: People probably wouldn’t think that about us – it looks like the other way around. Elisha tells me at least once a day to ‘stop being so silly’!

    Q. How did you meet?

    Elisha: At our previous church. Matthew’s dad was my dad’s youth leader!

    Matt: That’s going to sound weird!

    Elisha: I think it’s cool!

    Q. What do you do in your ‘spare’ time? (Ha!)

    Matt: Not a lot – we have Titus now! If I had some spare time I would either listen to music and I enjoy doing coding when I can.

    Elisha: Did you notice that he didn’t say ‘spending time with my wife’?!

    Matt: That’s not what I call spare time – we have quality time set aside.

    Elisha: I like watching films – mind numbing films. Then you can turn it off and get on with your life.

    Q. What was your coolest moment?

    Matt: I got a 25-metre swimming certificate when I was 10. I peaked too soon!

    Elisha: I was involved with Oxjam, a music event in Brixton. That was pretty cool.

    Q. Who does the cooking in your house?

    Matt: Just Eat!

    Matt: Elisha does the majority of the cooking.

    Elisha: That’s better.

    Q. What’s your vision for your team?

    Elisha: That they would be great friends who can not only worship together but do life together.

    Matt: And to be the best they can be with the gifts God has given them.

  • Beacon in 60 Seconds

    Let us introduce Ibi and Sinmi.  This beautiful couple make sure Beacon runs smoothly on a Sunday - both run behind-the-scene teams: Ibi leads the hospitality team who provide tea and coffee every week (and much more besides) and her husband Sinmi leads the welcome team who work hard each week setting up the hall and packing everything away again each week while simultaneously smiling and welcoming people to church.  They’re always friendly and hardworking.  If you see them, make sure you say hi.

    Q. What’s your favourite thing about Beacon?

    Sinmi: Two things – the worship and how people express their love for each other.

    Ibi: The people.


    Q. Who inspires you in the church and why?

    Ibi: Emma Goulds – she’s always so willing to go deep and be available.  She makes the effort to make time for people and I really appreciate that.

    Sinmi: Owen and Garth.  Owen is very laid back, I like his approach and I think he handles things well and gives good advice.  Garth… I can’t put my finger on it but he’s very friendly.  I like his laid back approach as well.


    Q. How do you relate to God?

    Ibi: Through prayer mostly.

    Sinmi: Worship.


    Q. Do you have any siblings and where do you come in the birth order?

    A. Both have three older siblings!


    Q. Are you typical youngest children?

    Ibi: Sinmi definitely is!  He’s a clown!

    Ibi: I don’t think I am, I show more eldest child traits.


    Q. What’s your best achievement?

    Sinmi: Weight loss

    Ibi: What about me?!

    Ibi: In that case, mine is getting the Park Run trophy in 2015!


    Q. How did Sinmi propose?

    Sinmi:  It was a nice day, we went to a restaurant, had Ibi’s favourite food, then I went down on one knee… thankfully the restaurant was empty!

    Ibi:  It was a nice moment.


    Q. Who would be most likely to deal with a spider or mouse?

    Ibi (straight away): Me!

    Sinmi: I would deal with spiders… you can have the mice!


    Q. What’s your vision for your team?

    Sinmi: I want to see the team grow and the functionality to run well.  Ultimately to feel like a team and get to know each other properly.  To bond.

    Ibi: I want my team to be invisible – to work so well and efficiently that people don’t see us working behind the scenes.


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