Beacon in 60 Seconds: Ellie and Chech

Please give it up for our wonderful Kids Work leaders, Ellie and Chech! *woop* Both lawyers, Ellie and Chech have been part of Beacon for just over a year and have been leading our kids work since the beginning of 2017.


Q. What is the biggest impact that Beacon has had on you?

Ellie: I think it’s a sense of togetherness - which I know sounds a bit cheesy but the community’s great and the worship and teaching is amazing.

Chech: And as part of that to some extent, accountability as well. Because Beacon is a God-filled small church, there’s no hiding. You’re there! Which is what we want.

Ellie: And we need it!

Q. Who is more likely to start a conversation with a stranger?

Chech: That’s a hard one!

Ellie: It depends what mood you’re in! I’m the introvert in the relationship but Chech might be a bit moody and not want to chat!

Chech: Ellie’s by far the friendlier person. Do you mean at church?

Ellie: Are you saying you have a different persona at church?!

Chech: It’s not that, it depends on the mood…

Ellie: I would say, catch you on a good day, you’re a charmer!

Chech: I would say you’re more likely to start a conversation with a stranger!

Ellie: Ok, I’ll take that!

Q. Tell us something that no one in Beacon knows about you

Ellie: This is really random but I like to have vinegar on baked beans!

Chech: I once played football at Villa Park.

Ellie: Mine’s better!

Chech: Yeah it is really.

Ellie: When I was younger I liked vinegar on many different things including toast and lots of other food groups, but now it’s just baked beans. I’ve been known to drink it from the bottle. It’s delicious!

Q. If there’s one main thing you want the kids to learn each week what would it be?

Ellie: That God loves them.

Chech: I was going to say exactly the same thing – that God loves them and children matter to God. We’ve been learning about that recently – children aren’t secondary citizens – God calls people to be like children. He loves them.

Ellie: Life throws so much at you and if you can ground yourself and be confident knowing that God loves you then that’s amazing.

Q. What was the highlight of your last 12 months

Ellie: We’ve done a lot in the last 12 months! We renovated the house! We were living upstairs with pretty much no back to the house, we had no shower at one point or hot water and we moved out when we lost the loo! The highlight was that being finished.

Chech: The highlight was moving back to a house that functions and is how we want it.

Q. What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

Ellie: I’m a complete ‘wuss’ but ages ago I went to Thailand and I went white water rafting and the guy who was running the expedition was trying to convince the various people in the boat that the English or German’s for example were ‘wusses’. We got to a cliff by the side of the river and he convinced us that a five-year-old child had climbed to the top and jumped off a week earlier so my friend and I did it and it was awful.

Chech: I don’t really do daring things…

Ellie: You went ice climbing!

Chech: Yeah, I went ice climbing in Peru but it wasn’t dangerous.

Ellie: There was a lot of blood wasn’t there?

Chech: Probably because we were inexperienced and we were dragging ourselves up it, I bled a lot onto the wall.

Ellie: You just had picks, didn’t you?

Chech: Yeah, so you’re climbing but you’re chiselling into the ice as you go. I think it was about 60/70 foot to the top. For me it doesn’t seem daring – I wasn’t concerned that I was going to die or anything, it was just an activity. I was going to say cycling to work every day!

Q. Did you give anything up for lent this year?

Ellie: No but I do know that a few members of the church gave up sugar for lent which must have been difficult! You would struggle with that Chech!

Chech: I would struggle but I was going to say I don’t mind fasting. I don’t fast very often but I will do it one day.

Q. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Chech: Languages. I’d love to be able to speak several languages. And instruments. Play them – not speak them! I’d like to learn those two new things.

Ellie: To be able to sing beautifully would be a talent that I would show off a lot.

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