Beacon in 60 Seconds: Ibi and Sinmi

Let us introduce Ibi and Sinmi.  This beautiful couple make sure Beacon runs smoothly on a Sunday - both run behind-the-scene teams: Ibi leads the hospitality team who provide tea and coffee every week (and much more besides) and her husband Sinmi leads the welcome team who work hard each week setting up the hall and packing everything away again each week while simultaneously smiling and welcoming people to church.  They’re always friendly and hardworking.  If you see them, make sure you say hi.


Q. What’s your favourite thing about Beacon?

Sinmi: Two things – the worship and how people express their love for each other.

Ibi: The people.

Q. Who inspires you in the church and why?

Ibi: Emma Goulds – she’s always so willing to go deep and be available.  She makes the effort to make time for people and I really appreciate that.

Sinmi: Owen and Garth.  Owen is very laid back, I like his approach and I think he handles things well and gives good advice.  Garth… I can’t put my finger on it but he’s very friendly.  I like his laid back approach as well.

Q. How do you relate to God?

Ibi: Through prayer mostly.

Sinmi: Worship.

Q. Do you have any siblings and where do you come in the birth order?

A. Both have three older siblings!

Q. Are you typical youngest children?

Ibi: Sinmi definitely is!  He’s a clown!

Ibi: I don’t think I am, I show more eldest child traits.

Q. What’s your best achievement?

Sinmi: Weight loss

Ibi: What about me?!

Ibi: In that case, mine is getting the Park Run trophy in 2015!

Q. How did Sinmi propose?

Sinmi:  It was a nice day, we went to a restaurant, had Ibi’s favourite food, then I went down on one knee… thankfully the restaurant was empty!

Ibi:  It was a nice moment.

Q. Who would be most likely to deal with a spider or mouse?

Ibi (straight away): Me!

Sinmi: I would deal with spiders… you can have the mice!

Q. What’s your vision for your team?

Sinmi: I want to see the team grow and the functionality to run well.  Ultimately to feel like a team and get to know each other properly.  To bond.

Ibi: I want my team to be invisible – to work so well and efficiently that people don’t see us working behind the scenes.

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