Beacon in 60 Seconds: Jon and Sarah

You see them up at the front every Sunday – Jon normally hosts our meetings and his wife, Sarah cheers him on from the front row but what do you really know about our wonderful Tuesday Community Group leaders?


Q. What one word would you use to describe Beacon?

Sarah: Community would be a good word to describe Beacon. We’re a growing family.

Jon: Family/warm. Welcoming…

Q. There are numerous accounts of people having their names changed in the Bible, if you were going to change your name, what would you change it to?

Sarah: I think I’d go slightly hippie and call myself something like India and I’ve always really liked the smell of Jasmine… But I’ll stick with India.

Jon: Probably something a bit stronger and more distinct like…

Sarah: Tyson.

Jon: No, not Tyson! Maybe Judah. Or just in fact The Lion of Judah.

Q. Lord of the Rings or Narnia?

Sarah: Narnia

Jon: Narnia all day. It’s foundational to my faith!

Sarah: We do like Lord of the Rings, it’s just a bit more involved I think.

Jon: Aslan’s a good name!

Sarah: Aslan Bryars! Lol!

Q. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Sarah: Hanging the washing out.

Jon: Cleaning the bathroom.

Sarah: By the way, can you do it today as I’ve done it for the last few weeks…

Jon: I’m happy with the state of the bathroom…

Q. Did you give anything up for lent this year?

Sarah: No…

Jon: Can I be controversial and say I don’t believe in lent?! I don’t see anywhere in the Bible that would suggest that we have to do lent.  I think the spiritual discipline of fasting is a good thing and I think it’s helpful for people to put it within a period of time, but I find it’s more helpful to discuss with people outside of church to discuss why I don’t follow lent as a Christian as opposed to why I would give something up so I purposefully don’t give stuff up for lent.

Q. Use three words to sum up your Community Group.

Jon: Food definitely! Authentic, normal very real people, down to earth.

Sarah: That’s not three words!

Jon: We’re not very good at this are we?!

Sarah: I would say character-full or character-filled; we have a lot of great people who are different and unique in their own ways and we love them for that. I’d say very much alive, we have several people under the age of 18 in our group which we love! It brings a certain sense of life. And I’d echo what Jon said; they’re just quite real authentic people; people who have walked with Jesus for a while who know and love him but are real about the challenges that it brings.

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