Beacon in 60 Seconds: Tobi and Abi

It is our pleasure to introduce our head of Communications, Tobi, who is joined here by his lovely wife Abi and their beautiful daughter Charlotte.


Q. What do you love about Beacon?

Tobi: I love the people; the church is a body of people and I think the people in Beacon are awesome. We’re a bit of a mad-mixed bunch and I love everyone’s individual uniqueness.

Abi: I like the humility of Beacon best. There is no room for ego’s here, you just have to put Christ first. It’s how we roll.

Q. What’s your favourite book of the Bible?

Abi: Proverbs. I’ve read it at least five times and I read certain Proverbs over and over again. And Psalms. My favourites are Proverbs 31 – the woman one (!) and Proverbs 1-3.

Tobi: Ecclesiastes.

Abi: Don’t you find it depressing?

Tobi: No, I find it insightful.

Abi: Yeah, it is actually.

Q. Who has the most annoying habits?


Abi: This is very easy!

Tobi: Of course, it’s Abi!

Abi: Of course it’s you Tobi! 100%!

Tobi: It’s your silly dancing that really gets me.

Abi: That’s not annoying; it’s just a dance! Tobi’s snoring is far more annoying.

Q. Which actor would you like to play you in the film of your life?

Abi: Viola Davis – she just won an Oscar for Best Supporting Female in the film Fences, she’s an amazing actress.

Tobi: Idris Elba. Of course!

Abi: Because you’ve got the same body type?

Tobi: Exactly!

Q. What’s the best present anyone could give you?

Abi: Sleep.

Tobi: A winning lottery ticket that hasn’t been claimed!

Tobi: Actually, what would be the best present? I just like people.

Abi: Are you sure? Of course you want the lottery ticket!

Tobi: Yeah, you’re right. Euro Millions specifically…

Q. Tobi, what’s your vision for Comms?

Tobi: I’ve been thinking about this, it has two parts – promoting Beacon so that Christians who are new to the area can find us and know that there is a home here ready and waiting for them and also to provide an opportunity for those who don’t know Jesus yet to see how knowing Jesus and reading the Bible can change your life. As the leader of Comms I have the opportunity to communicate these things in so many different ways. It’s exciting and I want to get the word out.

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