Beacon in 60 Seconds:Emma and Thierry

Emma and Thierry are an integral part of Beacon, they do an awful lot to serve us; Emma serves on worship and leads the Communion Team while Thierry lends his strength to the Welcome Team on a regular basis. And as if that isn’t enough, together they lead the Wednesday Community Group.


Q. How long have you been at Beacon?

Emma: Summer 2011

Thierry: Since moving here, which is coming up to 4 years – June 2013.

Emma: So he married me, we did 9 months of long-distance marriage and then he came to join us. We did marriage prep with Owen and Pauline before that.

Q. How do you primarily relate to God?

Emma: Worship and praying. But mainly through worship.

Thierry: I think I’m embracing the worship part now but it’s usually through prayer and actually also when I’m walking and looking at different things God has created.

Q. What’s the best gift you’ve received from each other?

Emma: I had to beg BEG Thierry for like two years for a wood burner because I’m always cold. It’s the best gift ever!

Thierry: It’s my multifunction watch. I love it because I use it for different things.

Emma: He likes to pretend he’s James Bond by answering his phone on there.

Thierry: Or when you’re bored in a meeting and you’re checking your emails on your watch. That’s good.

Q. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Thierry: He’s a scientist, he may not be known by so many people but he was close to getting a Nobel prize but a guy he was working with got it instead. He’s been knighted and he’s been leading the UK policy on climate change for many years. He’s a great guy, he’s called Sir David King. A very down-to-earth guy - a nice chap.

Emma: I’m all about the celebrity! I met Angelina and Brad! One of my clients was opening a hotel in Piccadilly in London and they were at the launch of the hotel.

Q. Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

Emma: *looks at Thierry* In my arms! So corny! [laughter]

Emma: Lake Kivu in Rwanda, it’s a stunning lake, completely unspoiled just one of the most beautiful places.

Thierry: I think for me, Switzerland in the Alps, a place called Saasfee it’s stunning there and at the time it really challenged me; it brought me back to appreciating what God has really made. Climbing the mountain was hard work but I enjoyed it. It was fantastic!

Emma: Basically he realised that his wife wasn’t as lazy as he thought; he forced me to walk like 15 miles in one day. He loved me a little bit more after that!

Thierry: I loved it because she could actually keep up with me. And my mother-in-law did it with us. It was good.

Q. What historical figure would you most like to have a conversation with?

Thierry: This is a bit weird because I just thought about that question and there are a few people who impressed me in the past but I think the guy who in a way invented karate. His name is Gichin Funakoshi, he’s Japanese. I’d love to meet him for many reasons. Karate is a martial art; but it’s for self-defence and people who do it don’t really look aggressive. It builds not only the physical part of you but also the psychological and mental part so I’d love to meet him. He’s dead now though!

Emma: I’d like to meet either Smith Wigglesworth or William Wilberforce.

Thierry: And who are they?

Emma: Smith Wigglesworth was amazing – raised people from the dead. Amazing guy. And William Wilberforce abolished the slave trade.

Q. Your community group started as an Alpha group and it’s flourishing! What’s the secret to your success as Community Group leaders?

Emma: Food! [Lol]

Emma: We set it up really as a relational thing originally. We had people exploring the Christian faith joining at first and I think it was really building relationships that was the priority. People in the group have also always had a real desire to grow closer to God, so I think we just join in with that. We love to talk about God and eat good food and that way we deepen our relationships.

Thierry: Also showing that we are interested in each other’s lives. During the meal we hear about things that are happening during people’s week – issues from the office and stuff like that. It’s just great getting to know people better and building the relationship. I wouldn’t say there’s a secret formula from us. I think it’s a sense of togetherness. We all feel compelled to contribute to the success of the group. It’s definitely a group effort.

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