Beacon in 60 Seconds:Gidge and Garth

Gidge and Garth (and their beautiful offspring, Ethan and Eiryn), have been part of Beacon since the beginning. Ten years of faithfully serving God’s church in Lambeth! Garth is one of our fine PA wizards and Gidge serves on hospitality. Together they lead the Sunday Community Group which meets after the service every other week.


Q. What is your best Beacon memory?

Gidge: I think my best would be a picnic we had when we first started, it was quite cold and we ended up sitting with tablecloths around us to keep warm in Brockwell Park. I do remember Kim Rackstraw very well from that!

Garth: We did a boy’s day away and went fishing. Five or six of us went to Guildford, that was good fun.

Q. What’s your favourite Bible verse?

Gidge: Romans 8:38 - nothing can separate us from God basically in a nutshell!

Garth: I don’t know the reference but it’s when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are being threatened to be thrown into the fire and they reply that ‘our God is able to save us from this but even if he doesn’t we won’t bow down and worship you.’

Q. How was your transition from Zim to the UK?

Gidge: Horrid. In a word! We’d just got married when we first came over. I had been working when we came over here, so I’d left family, left everything. And I wasn’t working when we got here so it was not a happy time. I was qualified as a teacher but I didn’t have police clearance or a CRB so I couldn’t teach here until I got that from Zimbabwe. I had to go to Scotland Yard to get my fingerprints done. That was fun!

Garth: Yeah, it was a bit of a struggle. I was ok – I came over earlier and I was living on a site so I was fine roughing it – but when Gidge came over she struggled to find work.

Gidge: And living with Garth, well…

Garth: It’s what kept you going!

Q. What do Ethan and Eiryn do to make you laugh?

Garth: Not a lot! They do love to make us yell!

Gidge: Singing, dancing, lots of jokes and pranks.

Garth: Yeah, they’ve got a good sense of humour.

Gidge: I think the best one is repeating what we’ve said to them but when it now applies to us!

Garth: Do what I say, not what I do!

Q. If you could spend one day in someone else’s shoes, who would it be and why?

Gidge: Too tricky!

Garth: I thought you’d say me and then you could spend the day doing nothing!

Gidge: The thought did cross my mind! I think a bear and then I could spend the day hibernating. Or the Easter bunny delivering eggs. Animals are easier than humans; people’s jobs and things, it’s too stressful! Or maybe Pauline chilling on the couch!

Garth: For me, maybe Robson Green spending the day filming an extreme fishing show!

Q. What’s the best thing about each other?

Garth: The best thing about Gidge is she’s very supportive, very encouraging, once she’s behind you…

Gidge: she’ll kick [laughter]

Garth: …she’s very reliable and solid. If she says she’ll get something done, she’ll get it done regardless of the pain and discomfort she has to endure to do it.

Gidge: Gosh!

Garth: No pressure!

Gidge: I like that Garth likes cooking so I don’t have to; that way we all stay alive to tell the tale. Deep and meaningful!

Q. What do you love about your group?

Gidge: The people. I think often, we think ‘oh, it’s group again, quick organise it’ but then on the day I think everyone’s real with each other and encouraging.

Garth: I think we’ve got a great blend of people. I love that everyone is genuine; it doesn’t matter what’s being discussed, everybody is genuine about it and nobody takes offence or gets upset, we all just deal with each other and help each other. We never prepare anything but there’s always great discussion.

Gidge: And the fact that they like Garth’s fish so they can take them away!

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