Beacon in 60 Seconds:Pete and Lucy

Pete and Lucy lead our Thursday Community Group and are overseeing the community groups at Beacon. They are all round wonderful people. It’s a pleasure serving with them.


Q. What would you love to see happen in the church this year?

Lucy: The obvious answer would be growth but I’m not sure that’s really what I want…

Pete: I’d like to see a miracle.

Lucy: Yeah, I agree.

Pete: I don’t want to define what the miracle should be but it would encourage my faith. I’d like to see God do something miraculous.

Lucy: We’ve prayed for healing a lot lately and it would be amazing to see a miraculous answer to a healing prayer.

Q. Where were you when you gave your life to Jesus?

Lucy: I was really young when I first gave my life to Jesus so probably at home but I recommitted when I was in my 20’s, there was a time when I was living in Blackheath and I was reading my Bible after having a pretty horrible time but I had a bit of an encounter and realised God’s plans and ways are better than mine which seems pretty obvious but I had a moment.

Pete: I was 13 and was away at a church youth group weekend away in Swanley on the South Coast. I’d grown up in church but it was at that weekend away that I was convicted of my sin and the need to repent and follow Jesus. It was great. I remember it really clearly.

Lucy: And you had to go and apologise to all the girls you’d been mean to!

Pete: I did! It was the first thing I did. They were really lovely about it and forgave me and were just really happy for me which was amazing because I was awful to them before then. I got on really well with them after that. I was once lost but now I’m found.

Q. What are you reading at the moment?

Lucy: It’s interesting that Pete just said that as I’m currently reading John Newton’s biography ‘From Disgrace to Amazing Grace’. Obviously, the hymn is really famous but I didn’t know the back story at all.

Pete: Does it have to be a Christian book?! I’m sort of dipping in and out of a book by Alan Partridge called ‘Nomad, in the Footsteps of my Father’. It’s a really stupid book! We’ve got the audio version as well so sometimes we listen to it and sometimes we read it. But it’s fun. We’re also going through Revelation as a small group so we’ve got a couple of study guides so that’s the serious stuff.

Lucy: Revelation and Partridge! What a combination! They go hand in hand I think!

Q. What’s your best childhood memory?

Pete: I don’t know if I have one but my favourite days when I was a child – between the ages of 10 and 13 - were Saturdays, playing 5 a side football tournaments all day in the sun. I’m sure it wasn’t always sunny but that’s how I remember it. All the nostalgia of being in a football team and all the fun.

Lucy: I’m similar in that I can’t think of a particular occasion either but generally summers in Bournemouth on the beach – the whole family would go down; my parents would set up a little spot with windbreakers and we’d spend the day in the sea and make sand castles. The summers felt really long and hot. They were the best times.

Q. What would you grab first in a fire?

Pete: I’m not that sentimental, I don’t keep things, I don’t really print photos, I don’t have little keepsakes or pin things on the fridge… I just think I’d run out. I wouldn’t want to be weighed down by anything. I’d just run!

Lucy: I’d probably take my phone.

Q. Who wears the trousers in your relationship?

Lucy: I’d say that we both wear the trousers for different things at different times.

Pete: No, that’s too diplomatic.

Lucy: But it’s true I think. There are some things that I take charge on more but some things that you do more.

Pete: Yeah, that’s true.

Q. Who was your favourite Spice Girl?

Lucy: Geri. I don’t really know why. Maybe I thought she was the prettiest. Something as shallow as that!

Pete: I didn’t really have a favourite, but I found Posh the most annoying! All that pouting. She didn’t do anything.

Lucy: Sporty Spice was also quite annoying; she wasn’t really sporty, she just wore tracksuit bottoms and did some kicks.

Pete: But she could actually sing!

Q. What’s your favourite Bible story?

Lucy: The prodigal son. I’ve been a bit of a prodigal myself, it’s not very original but I find it very relatable. The Fathers heart rushing towards him, it’s very encouraging.

Pete: One thing that always makes me smile is the donkey who speaks; the prophetic donkey. I love that he’s in the Bible.

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