Beacon in 60 Seconds:Phil Hopgood

Welcome to our first instalment of ‘Beacon in 60 Seconds’, our new weekly segment where we learn a little bit more about the leaders and members of Beacon.

Starting us off is Phil Hopgood, Elder and temporary lead pastor while Owen is on sabbatical.


Q. What brought you to Beacon?

A. In a word, Owen! I’ve always felt an attachment with him spiritually so when he asked me I just had to come.

Q. What would you love to see happen in the church this year?

A. Numerical growth would be lovely. And real joy in worship and in one another’s company because we have the best news in the world.

Q. What do you love most about Beacon?

A. The people.

Q. Tell us something that no one in Beacon knows about you.

A. I’m actually a member of another church! (Don’t worry Beaconites, Phil isn’t going anywhere; the ‘other church’ is St Paul’s Cathedral!)

Q. If you could have three people for dinner, alive or dead, who would they be?

A. George Muller; he’s a real hero of the faith for me, my Grandad who has sadly passed away but I would love to be able to share the gospel with him and Corrie Ten Boom, I would love to hear about what life was like standing up for Christ during the war.

Q. What came first; the chicken or the egg?

A. Egg!  I like eggs...

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