CAP Hampers Feedback

Before Christmas Beacon Church and donors from the community distributed 40 hampers to CAP clients in poverty. Here are some of their responses. Thank you to all those who donated so generously.  

 "Just a short note to say Thank you very much, For your kind thoughts . I was pleasantly, Actually, surprised to receive those gifts. Call me old fashioned but, I look forward to opening them on Christmas day. Merry Christmas."  

"I would like to pass on my thanks to you and CAP for the totally unexpected Christmas hamper. When I got home last night and saw the bag outside my door I was a bit uncertain about why it was there. But when I got it inside and read the cards and saw the gifts I was completely side swipe with shock. Thank you very much for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I really appreciate the practicality of the items, the children and I really appreciate it; it will come in handy over the Christmas season. Thanks once again."


"Thank you so much for Christmas hamper. Our God is awesome, I was talking with my mum earlier and going over our Christmas shopping list knowing it will be difficult to get all. But I didn't let mum know. Then a knock at the door and it was your rep. I am so grateful. The items enclosed were items on list. can't stop


praising and thanking God and you. God bless you"



"Marry Christmas to you John and closeset to you. Thank you very much for the presents I have received. It was very unexpected wonderful surprise. Many thanks to Alex & Edoly, Yourself John & CAP Brixton. May the presence of the Lord overshadow you All this Christmas & every day of 2016 & New Year 2017. Blessings".

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