"It's gospel living stuff"


Newday Review by Dave Smith, Beacon Youth Leader

Newday this year certainly lived up to its expectations. We took 25 teenagers who once again threw themselves into everything on offer. Some tried skateboarding, dodge ball, rounders or basketball but what will be remembered is Brixton Beacon being declared champions in the hugely contested 15-19s football tournament! We always knew that Newday would offer fantastic social opportunities for our young people but what we were really passionate about was that they met with God. What became clear is that we had a group of young people whose desire was to grow in their relationship with Jesus. The meetings offered chances to respond, to pray for one another and to once again choose to put Jesus first in their lives. It is a pleasure to come home to the prospect of our young people understanding the importance of church, of fellowship and of baptism; we look forward to seeing what God has in store next. Of course none of this would have been possible without the generous donations from Beacon church and the personal sacrifice of many members who served during the event. To choose to love these teenagers has opened the door to Gods grace on their lives - it's gospel living stuff!

Beacon Church