God works through us

12th Sept 2016

Welcome back! I hope you had a great summer, this is the first update since mid July, lots has happened since then, so read on.

God works through us:

"Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of the works themselves."  John 14:10-11

One of the deeper truths that Jesus wanted his disciples to understand was this: Everything he did and said came from the Father. Jesus' astounding claim to his disciples was "I am not doing what I do and saying what I am saying because of my own wisdom, power or authority, but because of the Father. It is the Father doing his work in me." If Jesus only ever did the work of the Father, how much more…?

Andrew Murray writes on this point. “Christ counted it no humiliation to be able to do nothing of himself, to be always dependent on the Father. He counted it his highest glory, because all his works were the works of the all glorious God in him.”

Recognising and allowing how God works and uses us for his purposes is a critical truth we need to embrace today.

Venue update - One example of what I have described above is the fact that Beacon has now moved venue. In my last update before the summer, it really looked like we were going to be homeless or at least in a less than ideal location as a church. Having been served notice in all our main locations, God though has proved himself to be faithful and has provided a wonderful new venue for us. It is at Richard Atkins Primary School on New Park Road, just off Brixton Hill. Not only are they able to accommodate us on Sundays, our stay and play group (which they are keen to advertise within the school), they have also offered us office space (which we are not yet ready to take up) and ample storage. It was our first Sunday there last week and we had a great time of thanksgiving and remembering God’s faithfulness and great provision. Please continue to pray for us and if you ever get the chance, pay us a visit!



Newday was fantastic, we took a group of 60 people, including youth and leaders from Brixton and so many of them encountered God and deepened their relationships with him.  Occasionally in the big top I caught sight of our group, they were often some of the last people there, worshipping God and praying for one another, it was so moving and encouraging for me as a pastor.

We had a wonderful youth team who dedicated themselves to these young people. Since Newday, numbers of them have been coming to church. One guy in his home church, was baptised in the sea at Brighton during the summer. In terms of my other role at Newday, that also went well. Again I saw the faithfulness of God in the event as a whole and I'm excited about where God is taking Newday.

Hylton update - We had a slightly different summer to normal, we didn't go away and spent August at home. Whilst we were at Newday we were burgled, though not a lot of stuff was taken, all the bedrooms were turned over. Our good friends Thierry and Emma discovered it, called the police and tidied up before we got home, we are grateful to them for that. I watched a lot of the Olympics and Pauline and I did stuff in the garden. It was nice having the girls around, though Rhianna got herself a job at Sports Direct in Cambridge and headed back early. Last Monday Yasmin went to Blackpool and is busy applying for jobs and learning to drive there. Daisy has returned to sixth form. Pauline has also done her first full week back at work. Her team is changing and she has taken on more responsibility since last term.


Congratulations to the following people: Jon and Petra, Lally and Nick, James and Catherine who have all recently got engaged.


9th October - Dedication service at Beacon, the Garfield’s, Lawal’s and Da Costa’s will all be involved.

Beacon Church