Houses and wealth are inherited from parents

26th Sept 2016

The importance of prudence

"Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord." Prov 19

Last Thursday Pauline and I celebrated 26 years of marriage. I appreciate that we are not the only couple in the world to be married for that long, but it is still a big deal for us. Interestingly enough during my daily reading last Thursday I read Proverbs 19 and noticed this verse. Whilst it is not the most obvious or inspiring quality, I realised this; Pauline is a prudent wife. In the Amplified version it describes a prudent wife as follows: 'a wise, understanding, and sensible wife is [a gift and blessing] from the Lord.'

Prudent can be defined as exercising good judgement and common sense. Over the years these qualities in Pauline have had a huge influence on me, our marriage and the church. Another quality I admire and am grateful in Pauline is her temperament. I confess at times to feeling quite low or down. Pauline is not usually affected by these moments and so doesn’t allow such moments in me to linger for too long. Why is prudence so important? Prudence allows for longevity, sustainability and growth. All of which are essential for keeping marriages healthy and strong. I thank God for a prudent wife!


Last week ­

We moved offices to St Paul’s Community centre. Thank you to Val and Paul who came and assisted the office team. I think this venue will work well for us. Richard Atkins School have invited us in to do a whole school assembly as they prepare to collect food for Foodbank during their harvest celebrations. Jon and Phil will hopefully be involved in this.

Jon has a new person supporting him on CAP. Jo is studying at Manchester uni through the United Reformed Church and is on placement at St Paul’s. She seems a very capable woman and will do admin, visits and possibly some community networking. I have visited a couple of our groups over the last week or so and been very encouraged with both attendance and contributions during the two meetings.

Hylton update ­

Yasmin is busy going for interviews for work in Blackpool. Rhianna has recently purchased a keyboard and will be playing regularly in various local groups. She is also the captain of the Badminton team and has recently joined a great local club. Daisy continues to study hard for her A’levels... oh and bounce on the trampoline, her favourite pastime. Our house is being double glazed this week, something we had been planning before we were burgled in August.

Other news

29th September Churches Together Prayer Meeting ­ ome and join us in prayer for Foodbank and CAP, 8pm at St Paul’s church.

Please continue to pray for Mark and Cecilia; Cecilia has been in hospital for over a week, please pray for her complete recovery and also for energy and wisdom for Mark as he juggles Caspian and his own work commitments.


9th October ­ Dedication service at Beacon, Petra, the Garfield’s, Gould’s Lawal’s and Da Costa’s will all be involved.

16th Octobe ­ Study in faith and baptism course starts

Beacon Church