Living in the light of eternity - Part 4

"For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done." Matthew 16:27


The disciples lived everyday in the light of this truth. Jesus is coming back! They were convinced by his own words as in this passage. ‘The Son of Man is going to come’ and also in the words of the angels, who said to them. ‘This same Jesus...will come back.’ Such belief shaped their actions, attitudes and prayers. Their resilience against opposition was stronger because they believed Jesus is coming back. Their determination to build well and on the rock was shaped by their belief that when he returned he would reward each person. Salvation was not the reward, that was the grace gift given to all who trusted in the name of Jesus. The reward was to do with how they lived and what they did.

Do you live with eternity in view? Or do you subconsciously or even consciously live as though this is it? Your resilience, your motivation are not strengthened by an eternal perspective? Can I encourage you to gain such a view?  It will help you as you face opposition and the many temptations the world has to offer.

Last wee - We have moved the update from Monday’s to Tuesdays. This now allows me to write on what has happened over the last week or so including the last weekend. Apologies for there being no update last week.

Plans for my sabbatical are taking shape; for the last few weeks I have been meeting and chatting to various leaders in the church and asking them to step up, some into completely new roles. I have been so encouraged by the positive response of the church. I have also been in discussion around my roles in Foodbank and Newday, these conversations have also been very fruitful.

Last Sunday we were privileged to have Rev Ben Goodyear with us, he leads the churches together group in Brixton and he and I have been praying together regularly for the last 4 years. Ben and his family then came and joined us for lunch, which was really nice. I also went out to join the youth group during the service and shared a little of my story and our plans for youth in the future. Dave and Becky have done an amazing job over the last 18 months or so with that group.

Sabbatica - As part of talking about my sabbatical next term, on Sunday I shared with the church four key values and four convictions that have been very much at the heart of Beacon. A couple of people said they found them helpful, so I have repeated them here:

Beacon key values:

A church that is...

Grace-filled (attitude)

Christ-centred (unity)

Spirit-led (approach)

God-honouring (motivation)

Our key convictions...

Eph 2 - peace through the gospel

Eph 3 - it's through the church

Eph 4 - apostles and prophets for the building up of the body

Eph 5 - husbands and wives (God's design for marriage)

Hylton update - Pauline and I have been doing bits of Christmas shopping. She also went to Bath (yes Bath) on Saturday to the Christmas Market there with a couple of friends. Yasmin continues to have bits of work, but has also got a couple of interviews lined up over the next week or so. Please pray she gets a job for the new year. We are still working out the personal plans for my sabbatical, now we have got things in place for the church. I will outline these over the next couple of weeks.


13th De - Foodbank Carol Service 1pm St Paul’s Ferndale Rd

18th De - Christmas Carol Service 5pm featuring the Richard Atkins Primary School Choir

8th Jan 2017 - first service in 2017. [There will be no services on either 25th Dec or 1st Jan.]

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