Looking to Jesus

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10th Oct 2016

Looking to Jesus

Looking away (from all that will distract) to Jesus... Heb 12:2

In the second of the Lord of the Ring stories, 'The Two Towers', there is a moment when Gandalf forewarns Aragorn that he will be coming back to help with the battle at Helm's Deep.  Gandalf's words are "Look to my coming, at first light, on the fifth day.  At dawn, look to the East."  Aragorn is caught in the midst of the battle for Helm's Deep, a battle he appears to be losing and which takes all the energy and focus of him and his army.  Then, at first light on the fifth day he looks and sees hope and help in the form of Gandalf and an army of men.  In Hebrews 12 we have a similar hope;  as we run the race amidst all the distractions of life, we need to look away, away from the daily distractions, away from the heat of the battle, and look toward Jesus.  He is coming as our hope and help and he is the reason ultimately that we will be victorious.

Last week - I had a Foodbank trustees meeting. We celebrated 5 years of the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank. Here is a summary of the stats for the last 5 years:

31,811 people fed

13,404 were children

224 tonnes donated

209 tonnes given out (not the final figure)

14,000 foodbank vouchers issued

We have much to thank God for in relation to the work of Foodbank, one means by which we serve the community. Proverbs 29:7 says, ‘the righteous care about justice for the poor.’

This week - we have Gavin Peacock around. He will be doing a couple of school assemblies, a youth project, visiting Foodbank, speaking at Food For The Soul and meeting with our elders plus group. We are taking part in assemblies for both Infants and Juniors at Richard Atkins School as part of their Harvest Festival. Please pray for Jon and the Foodbank team.

Hylton update - Daisy has been a bit unwell this week. Whilst our house is much warmer because of our new double glazing, the temperature has dropped and so we are a little chillier than before. We are at the moment resisting the temptation to put on the central heating, a battle I think I am losing. We have the remains of a dead pigeon in our garden, neither Pauline or I do too well with that kind of thing! Last night Gavin Peacock and a friend had come to stay along with Pauline’s niece Lucy, so we have a house full for a few days. Please continue to pray for Yasmin as she job hunts in Blackpool and learns to drive.

Other news

There has been amazing progress for Mark and Cecilia; she is out of hospital, the expected baby is ok and she started her new job with the Girl Guides last Tuesday! Please continue to pray for them as a family.


16th Octobe - Study in Faith and Baptism course starts

5th November - Fireworks at Owen and Paulines from 6pm.  Food will be provided.

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