Surprised by the purposes of God

11th July 2016

Surprised by the purposes of God

‘Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your

days that you would not believe, even if you were told.' Habakkuk 1:5

It can take some getting used to, God’s approach. It is so often not what you imagine it will be. In this story, God both surprises and shocks Habakkuk by using the Babylonians to bring his judgement upon Israel. At our AGM last Tuesday I got Pauline to share a picture God had given her at our weekend away back in July.

he picture was of a rotary blade, around it were aeroplanes taxing and taking off and landing. We were in the helicopter and Pauline was encouraging me to push the stick forward so we could taxi and take off like all the other planes. She then realised to her surprise that we were in a helicopter not on a plane; helicopters and planes fly differently. This helicopter was also a rescue one, with no flight plan and sent to the lost and the dying. The phrase 'no well worn paths' came to her mind. There are no passengers on this helicopter, everyone is highly trained and has a particular role to play. She felt this was a picture of Beacon. It wasn’t like a normal church ie an aeroplane with many passengers and a clear flight plan. It was more like a helicopter; no flight plan, a highly trained crew and sent into places that planes can’t go to rescue people.


I personally found this word so encouraging and it shifted my perspective on what we are trying to do as a church and who we are.

Last week:

lans for Newday are hotting up and so I’ve been really busy with it this last week. Newday begins for me in just over two weeks! We also had a great AGM and it was great to hear Ben share such encouraging news around our finances. I was able to share a little around our venue, but this remains an area we are looking into and praying into. I also had an encouraging meet up with Stu Gibbs from Emmanuel Church Greenwich and a few pastoral meetups with people in the church.

Hylton update: ­ Yasmin went off to work for the Challenge last week. Tomorrow is her graduation in Lancaster, we are really looking forward to being there for that. Rhianna is job hunting, playing music and badminton most of the week. Daisy is still at college and Pauline has 4 more days at school before her term ends on the 19th July


17th Jul­ Life Stories a summer series on characters in the bible

17th July ­ ommunity Group Leaders meeting after church

1st to 7th Augus­ Newday, we are still looking for help, please speak to Jen if you think you might be able to do this.

4th September ­ Summer party @ the Hylton’s inc BBQ, live music and bouncy castle

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