The importance of prudence

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3rd Oct 2016

The importance of prudence

"I have stilled and quietened my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me." Psalm 131:2

Probably more than ever before, life is full of distractions and noise. You can go all day, maybe even a whole week and have no moment or moments of stillness or quiet. One of the reasons I think the passage compares the quietness of a weaned child with our soul, is this; after a child is weaned they are usually at their most contented and satisfied. They usually sleep or maybe gargle contently. If you take time out to be still and quiet, is that time satisfying, does it bring contentment? Our souls are very sensitive, they can be disturbed within us. Sometimes we prefer to live with noise and distractions precisely because we fear the stillness and quietness. For the believer, quiet and stillness is not empty or hollow, but rather it is full of the presence and promises of our loving heavenly Father. He brings to us the same satisfaction and contentment a child has with its mother.

Last week - We are settling into our new office in St Paul's Community Centre.  We're enjoying the bigger space and being on the ground floor!

Another opportunity has come to us in a local Primary School; St John’s in Angell Town have invited us in to run a CAP Money Course for their parents in Jan 2017. We also had a great prayer meeting on Thursday evening this week, as we came to pray for CAP and Foodbank. It was great to have a number of people there, the plan is to run these once a term. I also had the privilege on Friday of speaking at Isaac and Jade’s wedding, which was held in East London. Isaac attended Beacon for a period of time.

Hylton update - We had double glazing fitted last week, it looks great. Girls seemed to be fine; Yasmin had a busy week with second interviews and an intensive driving course. Sunday coming Gavin Peacock is coming to stay with us and also Lucy, Pauline’s niece, so we should have a busy house for a few days. Rhianna has badly bruised her thumb - thankfully its not on her left hand which she uses to play badminton! Daisy acquired a Ted Baker handbag last week and Pauline a couple of pairs of sunglasses. My sister Monica doesn’t currently have a full time job, please pray she finds something soon, as like all of us, she has bills to pay. My sister Jass celebrated her birthday last week and had a party yesterday which doubled as a housewarming as well.

Other news

Please continue to pray for Mark and Cecilia; Cecilia was in hospital for over a week, please pray for her complete recovery from home and also for energy and wisdom for Mark as he juggles Caspian and his own work commitments.


9th October - Dedication service at Beacon; Petra, the Garfield’s, Gould’s, Lawal’s and Da Costa’s will all be having children dedicated.

16th Octobe - study in Faith and Baptism course starts

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