Wisdom does not necessarily come with age

17th Oct 2016

Wisdom does not necessarily come with age

Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king. Who no longer knows how to take warning. Eccl 4:13

Wisdom does not automatically come with age or experience. Sometimes old people can be foolish and young people can be wise. This passage indicates that the ability to take a warning or heed advice makes one wise and the inability to do so makes one foolish. Learn to listen and heed advice and so grow wise.

Last week  - Gavin Peacock was staying with me. It has been a couple of years since we spent time together and so we had a lot of catching up to do. It was great spending time sharing and chatting together. Gavin is very much aware of Beacon and has always been, encouraging and supportive. This time he met with our elders and elders plus group. He also took a couple of school assemblies, played football and shared his testimony at a youth project. He unfortunately hurt his leg and had to come off early. Finally he shared at foodbank a wonderful message of encouragement. All the places I took Gavin he was well received and proved to be a blessing. Hopefully we can arrange another visit for next year. Jon Taylor also arranged a couple of assemblies at Richard Atkins school. These he did with Maureen and Sere.


Hylton update  - We had Pauline’s niece Lucy staying with us last week. She is working as an intern for an NGO in Brussels and had come back to the UK for some training. Rhianna is busy as the badminton captain and she has joined a local band, still working in Sports Direct and apparently keeping up with her studies. Yasmin continues to look for work in Blackpool and also learning to drive. Pauline’s work seems to be crazy busy, she now leaves home 7am everyday. Daisy has been attending a Maths tutor workshop. We finally gave in and turned the heating on.

Other news - Dedication Sunday. We had a great Sunday, the one before last, with lots of children being dedicated and lots of visitors and food. The church really stepped up in making Sunday work really well.



16th October - study in faith and baptism course started

5th Nov - Firework night at the Hylton’s

20th Nov - Baptism

Beacon Church