On Thursday, 14th December a team of drivers, navigators and door bell ringers gathered at a community centre in Brixton to deliver 44 Christmas hampers to CAP clients. The hampers had been lovingly prepared over the previous weeks by Beacon Church and partners from the 'Churches Together' community. Here are some of the heartfelt messages received from clients after they had been visited by our team of helpers:

Thank you for the hamper... fantastic surprise... it brings back my faith in Christmas and put a smile on my face to my otherwise boring and depressing life god bless look after yourself.

WOW... thank you so much... you spoiled me man... Thank you.

Thank you soooo much for making me feel special... 

Thank you so much to you all x x x blessings x x x

Thanks very much!
I was triple surprised to receive a hamper from you all.
I, I was sleeping when Cap helpers came.
2, I wasn't expecting anyone.
3, the thought and quality of love and care is outstanding and these small yet massive acts/gestures makes me emotional. 
I can't thank you enough.

Thank you very much l just had your team around to deliver my gifts very much appreciated so grateful well done for the hard work that your organisation is doing very touching.

Picture below: Our friends from New Testament Church of God donating hampers.