Newday 2019

The 2019 Beacon site at Newday was around 30 strong, with seven ‘youths’ and over 20 adults (with a few kids in tow). The majority of the adults were last year’s youth who, re-branded by Beacon as ‘the young adults’, successfully ran a café for Newday’s 17 and 18 year olds known as “The Common Room”. A lot of fun was had and in the meetings, one of our youth responded to an invitation to take part in a messy game that saw her turned into an ice cream sundae, and some of our youth responded to invitations to follow Jesus. Over it all God brought us together as a site and there was a real sense of supernatural unity on site. A brilliant year, that left everybody getting onto the coach home talking about the next one.

IMG-20190804-WA0001 (1).jpg